All the world will be your enemy
Prince with a thousand enemies
And when they catch you, they will kill you...

But first, they must catch you.




Prince with the swift warning.
Be cunning and full of tricks
And your people shall never be destroyed.

A group of wild rabbits in a field

The story

Fiver could sense danger. Convincing his brother, Hazel, that he could see the future of the warren was at risk, they try to convince the chief rabbit to get everyone to leave. He refuses, as it is mating season, and he sees no danger. Hazel and Fiver convince as many rabbits in the warren as they can to leave the warren with them that very night. They start on a challenging journey to find a new place to live.

About the book

Richard Adams' "Watership Down" was first published in 1973. Since its first edition, it has also been published by Puffin Books and Penguin Books. The book is not really aimed at children. It deals with the perils that the group of rabbits fleeing from the warren face on their journey to find a new place to stay. There is a sequel to "Watership Down" titled "Tales From Watership Down", published in 1996 by Hutchinson. In this book, we meet the descendants of the Watership Down rabbits.

About the movie

The animated movie was made in 1978 and is based on the book. Although animated, like the book, it is not sugar-coated. It provides a realistic view of the perils which the rabbits face on their journey to find a safe new home, and the animation is more realistic than cartoon-like.

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